We prepare our brothers for their futures through promoting closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce. You will find endless opportunities to apply and grow your knowledge of business and connect with those who may lay the footprint to your future.

While we are professional in our actions and work to only reflect the best versions of ourselves, we are much more than that. We are avid explorers and travelers, entrepreneurs, artists, lovers of nature and embracers of change. Most of all, we are family.


Furthering a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture, our chapter fosters the bond that can be created between people and strives for open communication, transparency, and acceptance amongst all of our members, embracing our brothers and what makes us unique

We help each other become confident in our skills and embrace the qualities which make them a leader. as leaders, our brothers look to not only inspire creativity and teamwork, but create a sense of community and belonging on RIT's campus. 

Entering my senior year has been bittersweet. While I will dearly miss the group of people whom I have grown closest to during my time in college, I leave behind a strong and dedicated brotherhood that will continue to inspire each other and the world around them. From the minute you join, this chapter will become your family. You are never alone when you have the Epsilon Lambda chapter to surround you with endless support and appreciation. Fortunately for me, our members are brothers for life, meaning we will stay connected long after college; creating everlasting friendships.

Our chapter has continued to teach me about humility and open-mindedness throughout my time at RIT, and I am proud to call myself a brother of Delta sigma Pi. I can't wait to watch out family grow and accomplish everything they set their minds to.

Find your home away from home. Let Delta Sigma Pi change your life.


Amelia Sykes

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