A Letter From Our President:

Joining Delta Sigma Pi my freshman year provided me with endless opportunities to become not just a better professional, but a better friend to others and the world. At any point in time, as a brother of our fraternity, you will have the chance to be surrounded by driven individuals of all ages and backgrounds, build skills through events and connections not available to you in a classroom, and engage with your community to help those around you.

While we are professional in our actions and work to only reflect the best versions of ourselves, we are much more than that. We are avid explorers  & travelers, budding entrepreneurs, artists, lovers of nature and embracers of change, something more important now than ever. Most of all, we are a family, there for each other through it all.


Entering my final year is a surreal experience. It truly feels like yesterday that I stumbled upon a recruitment event, applied at the last minute, and joined the group that has given me hundreds of those I love most. While I am excited for the year to come—the growth we'll experience as we learn to navigate a world changed, the new relationships we'll build with our incoming pledge classes, and the excitement to come from having each other in these tough times, I am more excited to see what happens next. Surrounded by such incredible and driven people, I look forward to the next eighty years of opportunities, success, and fulfillment with all of my brothers.

You are never alone when you have the Epsilon Lambda Chapter to surround you with endless support and appreciation. Fortunately for me, our members are brothers for life, meaning we will stay connected long after college. Our chapter has continued to teach me about humility, helped me become a more confident professional and friend, and empowered me to accomplish things I never thought possible throughout my time at RIT, and I am proud to call myself a brother of Delta Sigma Pi. I can't wait to watch out family grow and accomplish everything they set their minds to.

No matter where you're at in your journey, I encourage you to consider joining Delta Sigma Pi. It is an experience unlike any other.


Madeline Tremblay

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